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MTCWE - 28 Feb and 1.March 2019 

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MTCWE - 28 Feb and 1.March 2019 

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I would like to welcome You to the 802.11ac workshop with different devices and you will be able to live handle all new MikroTik technology. And you will got as much as possible information from real life experience because we had this technology from start directly applied to our ISP network. 

Training outline


PenzionQ, Zvolen

Duration: 1 or 2 days of 8-12 hours - 28.FEb and 1 March 2019
9Objectives:802.11ac technology from MikroTik
Target Audience:Network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy and support corporate wireless networks, client CPEs (WISPs and ISPs), etc.
Course prerequisites: The student must have a good understanding of TCP/IP and subnetting and valid MTCNA certificate if you are taking MTCWE test.

MikroTik MTCWE outline 

About the course

This is instructor led FULLY INTERACTIVE course covers Mikrotik RouterOS V6.x Wireless in detail. Each of you will receive printed material. (please note that the minimum passing grade for MTCWE exam is 60%and you need valid MTCNA. When you pass the test you will receive L4 Licence and the MikroTik MTCWE Certificate) 

An overview of Mikrotik MTCWE training plan

Part 1:

Full theory about PtP and PtMP wireless technology that you can use. Hands-ON labs with MikroTik Routers (802.11ac and wAP 60G )

This training course will cover Mikrotik RouterOS Wireless functionality in extensive detail, hands-on 802.11ac devices that we will configure and play with. 

Part 2:

For attendants that will take certification test. We will have a MTCWE certification test.

Equipment Required:

Every attendant will be required to bring along the following:

1. Notebook/Laptop
2. Ethernet cables 1m and 3m or longer – only straight
3. We will provide you with a testing router but you can bring your own MikroTik Router I would recommend at least RB922-5ac, or wAP ac, or another ac router, If You need a router please inform me at least a week before training so I will be able to provide you with one. 

About the trainer

The trainer for this course will be Martin Krug one of the first MikroTik certified trainers and has travelled around the world delivering MikroTik Router OS system.

Martin's journey began back in 2004 with a first contact of RouterOS and from the very moment knew that MikroTik is something that will rule the networking world, he started MikroTik deployment to a small ISP and gained a lot of experience in the field where he installed more than 300 Point to Point links approximately and with more than 600 end user customers, right now this network has grown to more 2500 end users and is built mostly on the MikroTik technologies.

He has a passion for wireless technology and he still works on some special installations mainly on high throughput and tuned links with MikroTik devices and other technologies.

As a MikroTik Trainer and Networking Consultant Martin has been training since 2007 and taught more than 120 classes with more than 1400 attendees. Whether you are a small ISP or setting one up, technology enthusiast, looking for new career or just setting up your first MikroTik network in the office or at home you will gain valuable skills from Martin.

The course material is separated in modules, each of which is ended with a laboratory whose goal is to reinforce the material that has been demonstrated.

Small bonus before starting : Mikrotik Introduction Video for free:

MikroTik Introduction