Force and effect from the date of 1.1.2014, e-commerce MikroTik Cool Academy

These Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the relationship between customers and suppliers in the sale miestenok on training between suppliers and customers via the website (the "Website"). The customer service of a draft order to the disposition of the Contractor certifies that it is familiar with these GTC Contractor which forms an essential part of the Contractor Complaints Procedure, and that agrees with them.

Other conditions or other restricted customers' rights to these GTC Contractor shall be valid and effective only if the Contractor in writing, with respect to the individual order the Customer expressly recognized.


General terms and conditions - governing the legal relationships between buyers and suppliers. The provisions of the Terms apply if the Agreement on trade relations governing the situation in the existing contractual relationship, or a provision is missing or parties foresaw the existence of such a situation. GTC are an integral part of the business relations. Terms are published on the website of the Contractor.

Buyer - a natural or legal person organized under the laws of the Slovak Republic, which carries on business in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code, as amended, and Act no. 455/1991 Coll. on Trades (Trade Act), with the right to work "purchase and sale of computer equipment." Eligibility for the performance of the activity demonstrates customer applicable original extract from the Commercial or. Trade Register and VAT registration certificate. Those original documents must not be older than three months. The customer service of a draft order to the disposition of the Contractor declares that the goods purchased for resale.

Treaty establishing business relations - defines the basic terms of cooperation between buyers and suppliers (the "Agreement"). Treaty complement the existing GTC which the Contractor is entitled to change without the consent of the Customer. The completed original of customer sent in duplicate with the original extract from the Commercial or. Trade Register and VAT registration certificate. Join the Customer can only be a director of the company, respectively. tradesman or just acting. In this case it is necessary to substantiate the Treaty power of attorney with an officially certified signature of the principal. After the conclusion of the contract, the supplier shall send the original of the Customer and the Customer shall immediately register in the system. Within registering Supplier sends the Customer the Customer's login and password for trading, and for legal persons into the hands of director of a company or an authorized representative, respectively. for natural persons into their own hands tradesman tradesman or responsible representative (hereinafter referred to as "Registered"). Registered responsible for the misuse assigned passwords and login (employee, self-employed, the third person in the service of the entrepreneur, ...) to the extent of actual damage that such a procedure for suppliers established. For any change to the Customer (name and registered office / place of business address of the facility, the change in the staffing of statutory bodies, agents, decisions on mergers, divisions, respectively. Customer's sale of a business or part of the decision to enter into liquidation and the opening of insolvency proceedings in respect of the Customer) under the provisions of the Treaty, the customer is obliged to notify the proven version of such changes within 10 days from the date of its effectiveness. Failure to fulfill this obligation, the Supplier may require the Customer contractual penalty in the amount of € 500.00. This does not affect the right to compensation.

The consumer price - current price for the customer. These prices are published regularly on the website. Prices reflect the current purchasing conditions Doadávateľa, the stock situation and the extent of business cooperation with customers. The Supplier reserves the right to change prices downstream. Agreed price, however, can not be changed after the adoption of the Customer's order, unless other provision of the Treaty and the GTC provides otherwise.

Payment - date of payment / payment of the invoice shall be the day on which the amount credited to the account of the Contractor, respectively. the date on which it was paid in cash in the cash register. Cancel goods paid through cash registers must be financially settled on the day of returning the goods to the warehouse.

Payments are due within 7 calendar days after exposure. In rare cases, the maturity extended at the request of the Customer, respectively. agreement of the parties. The maximum allowable maturity depends inter alia on the payment discipline of the buyer. If the customer is in arrears in the payment of invoices, the Supplier reserves the right maturity cut back on standard 7 calendar days.

Finance costs - Contractor allows greater funding for downstream projects by deferring invoices. Financing is based on the separation of the price of goods on the cost of financing individual business cases (extended maturity).

Interest on late payments - in the event of late payment of invoices (past due) by the Customer, the Supplier may require the Customer default interest under the Commercial Law in force on the first day of delay the Customer, for each started day of delay.

E - commerce order - the goods can be ordered through suppliers' websites. Allocation of primary user access to the website of the Contractor provides IT department Contractor. Registered who got access to the website is obliged to immediately change your login information. Buyer takes full responsibility for any possible effects due to incorrectness of data in the Customer contacts. At the same time the customer is required to establish all the precautions, it is not possible contact information and abuse their access settings. Buyer shall not be liable for any damage caused by misuse of the contacts and the Customer has full right to cover any potential damages therefrom. The Contractor is entitled to an order made through the website to apply special discount or offer in this way to receive goods which are in other forms of orders unavailable. The customer is not entitled to return the goods to the Supplier, without giving any reason for it to require a financial compensation.

The standard order form - filling out the application form on

Invoice - tax document - the goods ordered by the Contractor shall issue an invoice that includes all the elements in accordance with applicable laws in the Slovak Republic. It also includes the identification data of the Customer in accordance with Customer's registration in the relevant statutory records, references on request of the customer, means of transport and primary contact. Cash document is issued in the case of cash payments in the seat, resp. Contractor's operations and contains all the elements necessary for a tax receipt for cash payment. By default, the invoice sent to customers with goods in personal customer receives the goods receipt, together with the delivery note and invoice. To the customer's invoice can be mailed to a different address above him.

Financial credit - issued in the case of additional discounts within marketing activities declared by the Contractor and provided that the required criteria for a discount.

2 CERTAIN PROVISIONS orders and goods

The customer is entitled to order it specified quantity of goods only and in compliance with the pricing policy of the Contractor (the "Order"). The customer sends order goods through the website. Order by the Customer order form is available for download

site Contractor shall include:
business name, registered office / place of business, registration, if any, in the case of registration of a foreign legal or natural person identification number known to the State of registration, fax, phone, e - mail, personal identification (title, name, address, birth date, and identification number, or phone, resp. mail contact) authorized to act on behalf of the legal person, or. identification of the responsible officer in the case of a natural person - tradesman

specification of goods, packaging method and the required amount,

terms of delivery (destination and date of collection).

Customer's order becomes binding for the Customer at the moment of her departure. Immediately after the acceptance of the order and the despatch of (resp. In person) the Contractor shall print a delivery note containing the specification of goods ordered subscribers. The purchase agreement arises at the moment of order confirmation by the Supplier. When ordering goods the customer is obliged to state the accepted method of delivery within a system in which the goods ordered. Supplier manner specified by subscribers deliver the goods to the customer designated address.

In the case of larger supplies can process individual quote according to customer requirements. In justified cases, the Contractor is authorized for quotation charge a fee. The fee must be pre-approved customers.

The customer is not entitled to cancel or revoke the order after the time has been confirmed by the Contractor.

Consumer information: The consumer is entitled, without giving any reason to cancel the contract within seven working days of receipt of goods or the conclusion of the service contract if the seller has met in a timely and proper information obligations according to § 10 of Act no. 108/2000 Coll. The consumer has the right, within that period after receipt of the goods unpack and tested in a similar manner as is usual when buying a classic "stone" trade, and to the extent necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The consumer is responsible for any diminished value.

If the consumer withdraws from the contract and the supplier of the goods with low value, which is used, damaged or incomplete returns contractor consumer has paid the purchase price for the goods in binding acceptance of the order or part thereof reduced in accordance with sec. § 457 of the Civil Code, the amount of wear of 1% of the total value of goods for daily use goods and the value of repairs and placing goods in original condition within the statutory period of 15 days.

In accordance with § 12 para. 5 of the said Act the consumer can cancel the contract, its object:

provision of a service, if the service is launched to meet the consumer's agreement before the deadline for withdrawal,
sale of goods made to the specific requirements of the consumer or goods intended specifically for a single consumer or goods which considering its features can not be returned;
sale of audiovisual works, sound recording or audiovisual recording of a performance or a multimedia work that consumer unpacked, respectively. a computer program if the installation was carried out
The supply of goods to the Customer by the Supplier may be suspended (ie. Credit hold) in the case where the customer does not have free credit for additional subscriptions goods. The customer does not lose ranking on any of your orders. The goods, which are not in stock are reserved by orders for a customer for 4 working days. If this condition is not resolved by the time of 4 working days, the goods are released for the next customer. Option to address the immediate application to increase credit addressed to the responsible employee of the Contractor or the immediate payment of old bills before maturity.

The supply of goods to the Customer by the Supplier may be suspended (ie. Hold payment) in the case where the customer has at least one invoice is overdue for more than 5 days. In this case, the order in losing all open orders. It is not possible to purchase goods and other withdrawals are allowed after payment of all overdue invoices.

Concerning the application of credit and payment tribute tribute supplier is not responsible for damage created by the Customer.

Place of delivery shall be the order of the customer. The customer is entitled to adduce addition to its headquarters, respectively. place of business other place of delivery, respectively. the fact that the goods are taken personally. Method of delivery cash on delivery is entitled to use the customer, even if it is assigned credit, but commitments from the previous trading settled on maturity. For the execution of the supplies shall be deemed to deliver orders to the delivery point, respectively. removal at the storage facility customer. The delivery of goods is not installing. Transport to the place of delivery shall ensure Contractor under the terms of paragraph 7 GTC. The shipment of the ordered goods includes tax document, instructions and product warranty. If the goods are properly served, the date of sale shall correspond to the date specified on the invoice. In case of discrepancy between the date the warranty card and the date on the invoice will be the Contractor's claims department considered the claim as unlawful. The shipment of the ordered goods always includes tax document, instructions and product warranty.

On receipt of the goods the customer is obliged to immediately check the amount and type of goods and that the goods are not mechanically damaged. The Contractor shall not be liable for any damage caused during transportation of goods.

In case of receiving apparently damaged or defective goods the customer is obliged to act in accordance with the valid Complaint Rules Contractor.

The Contractor is obliged to deliver the goods by the customer within 4 working days. Within the time limits are counted as working days. The deadline for delivery of goods begin on dispatch order.

Delivery of goods will be subject to availability of products and operational capacity of the Contractor made in that period. If the Contractor is aware of the potential for delay notify the Customer of this fact. At the same time notify the alternative date of delivery. The customer is not entitled to claim damages from any default of the Contractor. If the Contractor fails to deliver or alternative date, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.


Price of goods comply with the applicable price list of goods and services placed on suppliers' websites.

Payment in advance - advance payment is made through bank transfer based on advance (proforma) invoice and concerns of consumers, who are not assigned to a limit or the credit limit is currently empty. Goods is issued proforma invoice and goods are reserved in favor of the customer. After crediting the relevant amount for the account of the goods are ready for delivery. If the goods are not within 5 working days from the issuance of the advance invoice paid, the order is canceled and the goods are freely available to other customers.

Repayment of credit - if the customer has a credit note from the Contractor, shall be credited to the unpaid invoices. As the duration of exposure to credit allowed Purchaser outstanding invoices, pending the offsetting credit exposure to the next invoice.

Method of payment for ordered goods depends on the intended mode of transport of goods to the place of delivery. The customer is obliged to pay on delivery. Cash on delivery method can not be applied at the time the purchaser failed to pay its liabilities from the previous trading Contractor or his credit was blocked. If the person entitled to receive the consignment refused without justification to pay the purchase price and / or the shipment can not be delivered (the addressee can not be located despite telephone and other reminders) the Contractor is entitled to claim liquidated damages in the amount of € 300.00. This does not affect the right to compensation, which was created by the Contractor.

The Contractor shall be entitled to set off any unpaid claims and claims against the Customer in the course of trade under agreed terms and conditions.


Terms of withdrawal shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code.


General terms and conditions becomes binding on both Parties on the date of signature of the Treaty. Terms apply to the extent and as amended, which are listed on suppliers' websites. The Supplier reserves the right to change any VOP without the prior consent of the consumer. These Terms abolished between the parties previously agreed GTC published on the website until the time of publication of the GTC on suppliers' websites.

Any possible changes to the GTC take effect in accordance with paragraph 6.4 of Article 6 of the Treaty.

By submitting an order, the customer undertakes to accept the price levels according to the tariffs of the Contractor for goods dispatch and transport costs, Terms & Conditions, the Contractor Complaints Procedure in force at the date of order confirmation by the Supplier.

Purchaser hereby grants consent to the processing of personal data by the Customer in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 428/2002 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, consent to the processing of personal data in the order information system Contractor. Purchaser Consents voluntarily, freely and seriously, without distress and obviously disadvantageous conditions. The customer also declares that the data in the desired order is correct. The electronic form of endorsement is not in writing pursuant to the provisions of § 7 para. 2 of Act no. 428/2002 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended.